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Law firm, notary's office and family office

About Nievergelt & Stoehr

The Nievegelt & Stoehr Group consists of Nievergelt & Stoehr Ltd. (law firm), Thomas Nievergelt Notariat Ltd. (notary's office in Grisons) and Nievergelt & Stoehr Family Office Ltd.

Thanks to our presence in Samedan, Poschiavo, St. Moritz, Lugano and Lucerne, we are able to offer you a wide range of support, advisory and litigation services for all areas of life and in all areas of the law.

Our employees work according to a multidisciplinary approach in several languages and provide advice and information in German, English, Italian, French and Romansh.

Proximity to clients

Trust, flexibility and absolute discretion go without saying for us. For us, you as a customer are the focus along with your wishes and concerns. We are passionate about your interests.

Thanks to our specialisation and constant investment in the training and further education of our employees, we guarantee you high-quality services. We are fluent in German, Italian, English and French.


Certain matters require immediate attention and swift action. Nievergelt & Stoehr offers a 24/7 service. Our clients' concerns are our top priority.


Nievergelt & Stoehr has offices in the German, Italian and Romansh-speaking parts of Switzerland (with an in-house notary’s office in Samedan, Poschiavo and St. Moritz). We offer all legal services at all our locations.


Law firm and Notary's office


Law firm and Notary's office

St. Moritz

Law firm, Notary's and Family office


Law firm


Law firm


Our team is made up of specialists in the relevant fields. This enables us to serve our clients with customised solutions tailored to their individual needs.


Attorney-at-law | Notary




Attorney-at-law | Mediation



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